Happy 21st Birthday to my cousin/little brother Brandon! You’re finally LEGAL to turn up! Woo!! Vegas! Lol. I hope all of your birthday wishes come true. I love you forever!

Happy 23rd Birthday to my lovely sister @yourstrulyjayna! I wish I could celebrate your special day with you! Hope you had an amazing birthday & was showered with gifts and warm birthday wishes from people who love you. I love you forever, sissypants! #obusansisters #happybirthday

I am so proud of my team in walking with me at Walk to End Lupus Now at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. This was my first walk for Lupus!! Thank you to everyone who donated and thank you for all the love, support, & prayers!! I am truly blessed! 💜🙏#blessed #teamjayanne #walktoendlupus #knowlupus #lupusnephritis (at Exposition Park)

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Hey friends! Two years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease called Lupus. I will be walking in the Walk to End Lupus Now in Los Angeles on September 20, 2014 to raise funds for the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA). The funds go towards research and raising awareness of lupus. It would mean a lot to me if you participated in some way by donating or walking with me. If you want to know about my story, give, or walk please click the link in my bio. I appreciate all of your love, prayers, thoughts, and support! 💜 #walktoendlupus #lupuswarrior #lupusnephritis (at Exposition Park)

Congrats Caryn & Mark! Baby Brielle Kathryn is a beautiful addition to your little family! It was great to see college friends! A mini Vanguard reunion. Missed you beautiful women! #briellekathryn #vanguardalumnis #vu (at oh, hello friend.)

Happy National Doggy Day to this cutesy pup! I love you Tiger boy - my one-nut, smart, loving, pretty-ugly, furry son!!! You are so easy to love and such a loyal dog! You give the best xo’s and cuddle time 💙🐶 Love you buboy! #tigerkona #furryson #chihuahuaterrierpoodlemix



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Instagram: @gxvenxhy 🎀


Instagram: @gxvenxhy 🎀

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🐶 Tiger backseat chillin #thoseears #tigerkona #brindlefur #chihuahuaterrierpoodlemix #3yearsold #myfurrychild

Guidados - bomb tacos!! #losangeles #downtown #sunsetblvd

My Little Bible on the turf of Angel’s Stadium #harvestsocal (at Harvest Crusade @ Angels Stadium)